Critical Essays

The 2020 Clarke Awards, Strange Horizons

The Shape of Water, Strange Horizons

Making the Nation, Raiot

To Laugh, So as Not to Weep, Public Books

Rereading Edith Wharton, House of Mirth, Public Books

McDreamy is Dead, Public Books

Neoliberal Fictions, The Advocate

Faultlines, The Advocate

Fire in the Unnameable Country Book Club, Strange Horizons

The Messiah Trilogy

A Map of Lost Longings, Public Books

The Oasis of Now, Chaosbogey

Golem of Memory, Ancillary Review of Books

Sixth Schedule Essays

Exceptions, Fifty Two

While in Shillong, I lived with Angela Rangad and Tarun Bhartiya, RTI activists who run the website Raiot. I wrote the RTI series pseudonymously during this time. The first one is about the COVID-era PM Cares Fund, the next three about Meghalaya-specific issues: coal, land, and the white-ink education scam.

Caravan Essays

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Crossing Paths (on Deccan histories)

After the Last Sky (on female memoirists from India)

Darkness Visible (on war literature)

Apart from Ourselves (on speculative fiction)