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I have been teaching within the CUNY system since my third year of graduate school. I taught at Brooklyn College until I left for fieldwork in Spring 2020; more recently I have been teaching at Queens College. I have also given several lectures about my research and specialisation (legal and political anthropology) in classes taught by my peers and colleagues, both within CUNY and beyond

I developed three syllabi during my time teaching undergraduates: for an introductory cultural anthropology class, an elective in the Anthropology of Religion, and a linguistic anthropology elective about Globalisation and Language.

Syllabi for all three courses can be found here.

I taught the first two of these classes twice or more, and have uploaded the most recent iteration of the syllabus. Please get in touch if you would like earlier versions.

All of the assigned reading for my current class (Globalisation and Language) can be found here, and I am happy to share my teaching materials upon request.

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