Contact: chaosbogey@gmail.com; @chaosbogey on twitter.

There is also a  tumblr version of chaosbogey.


In my other life, I’m a doctoral candidate in anthropology at CUNY Graduate Center, currently doing fieldwork in Shillong.

I still write:

occasional critical essays for the magazine Caravan.

and reviews for Public Books


I used to write

a column about essays for bookslut,  “Mystic Myna

(most Myna essays can be found in this blog’s archives)

a firstpost reading blog, alias ‘Hebdomad

and a books column for mylaw.net called Chronicles of a Short Book. 

(bogey hosts the essays I like best from both columns.)

I also occasionally write for other magazines and websites; links are often embedded into posts, unless they aren’t for fear of mockery.


Read an essay for a better acquaintance? The sidebar is a good place to start.

There are essays on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and essays on Frantz Fanon and essays on National Law School.

If you venture into buried archives, there are many essays about sex.


Chaosbogey is free for non-commercial adaptation, but only with attribution.

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