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Things I miss about fiction.

15 Jun

It’s been years since I read fiction seriously- not as a fly-by night affair punctuating ‘real reading’ but fully awake, pencil in hand. The novel is Hilary Mantel’s  Wolf Hall, set in Tudor England, focused on the ascendancy of Thomas Cromwell, the minister who got Henry VIII his first divorce (and lost his life after the fourth). I shall put up a proper (if terribly elliptical) review, but the novel has made me powerfully nostalgic for the rhythm and nuance of fiction: the most vivid non fiction cannot match the pleasure of an intricate plot and interesting people. I thought a miss-list might help exorcise my system and lead me back to histories and polemics. It didn’t, but here it is anyway, in no particular order, with excerpts for every mood.

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